Posted by: clem0613 | February 16, 2011

LAMP project incomplete…

Okay, help me out please!  I’ve installed LAMP and was able to access my test php page:

However, when I went to access my phpMyAdmin page, it asked me for a username and password.  Okay, I remember setting a password, but did I also set a username?  Unfortunately, I didn’t write it down (must’ve been a password I knew I’d remember…haha).  So here’s the closest I’m getting to that magical phpMyAdmin page:


Am I going to have to uninstall MySQL and start all over?  Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



  1. The default username is root. The password will be the one you remember setting

  2. Okay, that’s not working for me. I think I’m using the same password…

  3. In that case here’s a page with step by step instructions on how to reset your mysql password

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